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USD: 3 Reasons For Not Calling The Start Of Another Bull Cycle In 2018 – ING

ING FX Strategy Research discusses the USD outlook into the coming year and makes a case for not calling for the start of another USD bull cycle in 2018, on the back of the following 3 reasons.

1- The Read More →

G10FX: The Signals From CTA Positioning Data – TD

D FX Strategy Research discusses the data on G10FX from the positioning proxies for trending following CTA performance via a model tracking the 20d rolling beta (log change) of G10 and CTA performance.

"The final chart shows the results, Read More →

USD/JPY: Modestly Higher In 2018 With Exporters’ Sell Orders Around 115 – ABN AMRO

ANB AMRO FX Strategy Research discusses USD/JPY outlook in the coming year and sees only a modest move higher towards 115.

"Taking out this level of 115 will be difficult because exporters will probably have sell-orders around this level. Read More →

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